how to cut the bottom off a mason jar

I whipped up this cute Mason Jar Fall Luminary in no time at all! I began by cutting out a maple leaf of adhesive vinyl with my Cricut Explore. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can trace and cut out a leaf design on adhesive vinyl. Apply to the smooth side of the mason jar. Pick an acrylic paint color that you want to use. I chose persimmon. Pro tip: I use a foil cupcake liner for my ... More

how to mske bluetooth selection screen appear samsung s5

With your Galaxy S5, you can quickly take a screenshot to save what's on your screen as an image and then send it out (or just keep it). Here's how to get started. Here's how to get started ... More

how to get clean after period in islam

Divorce in Islam can take a variety of forms, some initiated by the husband and some initiated by the wife. The main traditional legal categories are talaq (repudiation), khul? (mutual divorce), judicial divorce and … ... More

how to add a level in revit

The download is small about 1.5MB and installs under the Add-ins tab. (although it is possible to customise the location of the application post install.) As you are no doubt aware the Trim and Extend tool don't work too well with Grid and Level objects. ... More

how to build a backyard chicken coop

? Backyard Chicken Houses Plans ? Light In The Chicken Coop How To Build A Chicken Coop From Scratch For Very Little Money.,How To Build A Chicken Coop Plan Easy For Anyone To Build. ... More

how to cancel your amazon prime free trial

Yes, you can cancel your free 30-day Prime trial. It would be smart to do it on day 29 so you take full advantage of all the benefits before your credit card gets charged a cent. The steps to cancel are the same as detailed above. ... More

how to close a crochet stitch

10/11/2016 · Crochet For Children: Free Crochet Patterns Post Thanks / Like - 4 Thanks, 0 Likes kiti13 , little drummer , justplainjudy , Lynda Fey thanked for this post ... More

how to change your routine

4. Moisturise twice a day. You may have found a moisturizer that works just fine in spring and summer. But as weather conditions change, so, too, should your skin care routine. ... More

how to ask for salary negotiation in interview

Part 2: Salary Negotiation Starts Early In The Interview Process We’ve all had to do it. Whether it was the first thing out of a recruiter’s mouth or the last thing you’re asked in the interview process, we inevitably have to deal with the dreaded question about our salary. ... More

how to carry out an investigation into bullying

The Headteacher or chair of governors will nominate an investigating officer to carry out the formal investigation into the complaint of harassment/bullying. This will normally be a senior ... More

how to close pop up blocker

12/03/2015 · I am not able to open important websites due to the pop ups getting blocked, there is no option in the Internet Explorer to turn off pop-up blocker … ... More

how to change iphone owner

Watch video · Making these simple adjustments can help save battery life and cut down on little annoyances. ... More

how to become a swat agent

How to Become a Protective Agent with the Central Intelligence Agency. The Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Directorate of Support oversees the Agency’s protective operations. Protective agents are responsible for supporting the CIA’s protective operations by: Performing sensitive operations; Participating in training and operational assignments; The Directorate of Support works ... More

how to become an english anime voice actor

20/04/2016 · Original Story the anime is going to be based on can be purchased here http How to be an Online Voice Actor - Duration: 10:01. SBN3 English Location: United States ... More

how to drive toyota fortuner automatic transmission

[†C] $182 per week are available on a Toyota Access Consumer Loan to approved personal applicants of Toyota Finance to finance the purchase of a Toyota Fortuner GXL Automatic (Phantom Brown and Dark Brown (Fabric)) Automatic, 2.8L Diesel . Driveaway price of $51540 (includes 12 months registration, 12 months compulsory third party insurance, dealer delivery and stamp duty), less a … ... More

how to cancel credit card commonwealth bank

But Commonwealth has announced it will make it possible for customers to cancel their cards – in real time – using an app or its online banking portal. "Soon customers can go online to close their credit card at a time that suits them, simply with the app or NetBank," says Clive van Horen, executive general manager retail products and strategy at Commonwealth Bank. ... More

how to connect canon printer mg5560 to computer using wifi

Press the Menu button on the printer's operation panel. Use the arrow buttons ( , , , & ) to select WLAN setup , then press OK . The printer searches for access points (routers). ... More

how to become an life insurance underwriter

What does underwriting in life insurance mean and how does it affect me? Underwriting is the process of assessing the level of risk presented to the insurer in order to determine the cost of a premium for a life insurance applicant. ... More

how to make kingdom come hood

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has only been out in the wild for just under a day, but we're already seeing some fantastic glitches and bugs in the game, which people … ... More

how to ask for an ivy league haircut

6/06/2018 · For a classic men’s haircut that is bound to impress in professional business settings or social events, the Ivy League is a good choice. Just ask your barber for 2 … ... More

how to keep your face clean and glowing naturally

This face pack is one of the great natural homemade beauty tips for glowing skin. The antioxidants present in tea water will help flush out the toxins and free radicals from the skin. Adding honey also helps to protect the face from bacteria as well as keep it hydrated. ... More

how to ask someone to be your referree

Some might feel asking someone to write a letter of recommendation is an imposition, or, at least, an inconvenience. But it's likely that at some time early in that person's career, someone took the time and effort to write him or her a reference letter. If someone truly thinks highly of you, he or she will be happy to "put it in writing." ... More

how to buy belong from 7 11

7-Eleven. 3,415,691 likes · 10,253 talking about this · 1,535,204 were here. 7-Eleven USA. There’s always a delicious reason to visit 7-Eleven, any time... There’s always a delicious reason to visit 7-Eleven, any time... ... More

how to save on google drive

How To Save A Google Doc in Multiple Google Drive Folders. Let’s look at the process of saving a file in more than one folder. In this example we’ll put the same Google Doc in two different folders. This will be the exact same file in both folders, not a copy. So if you update the file, it will be updated in both folders. Technically, no matter how many folders you put the file in, there ... More

how to add videos to your videos on youtube

12/12/2017 · How to Add Graphics to Your YouTube Videos. You want your videos to look pro, here's a quick and easy way to add in graphics to give your videos that pro pop. Using graphics in your videos will ... More

how to cancel pokes on facebook

Poking someone on Facebook is a little like poking the person in real life — it's always a way of getting someone's attention, but it can also mean lots of different things. You can tease people with pokes, let them know you're thinking of them, or get them to message you — it all depends on the context of the situation. ... More

how to create a video collage

Facebook is rolling out some new features for its iPhone app, including a new way to group photos and videos of one event in a collage. It is also testing live video … ... More

how to delete a swimlane in visio

13/07/2012 · Swimlane charts help identify what happens in each department for a process business process improvement project. The intelligent departments in ProcessModel combine a … ... More

hisense fridge and freezer how to change temp in fridge

The Hisense RB412N4AI1 may not look especially cheap, but you’ll struggle to find a stainless-steel model with this many features for less. Some of the cheapest fridge freezers we’ve tested struggle to maintain a safe and steady temperature when the temperature in your kitchen rises or falls. ... More

how to become a lecturer in ireland

Teachers’ Union of Ireland Represents teachers and lecturers in vocational schools, community colleges, community and comprehensive schools, institutes of … ... More

how to close youtube app with music still playing

Answer I have a slightly older/different model, but that certainly works with Spotify. The only difference from iTunes is that with Spotify, my iPhone interface goes into standby mode with the music still playing - so I have to unlock the screen to make any changes as I … ... More

how to connect microsoft office outlook 2007

If it doesn't solve, then connect to your office365 account, and enter configuration, software, desktop setup, and it will check all the additional needed updates for your Outlook installation, if any. For sure, it will have to install the office365 session plugin. ... More

tig welding how to break the arc

Cigweld TIG Torch 17V, Gas Valve, 4m (Transmig 175i, 185 Ultra, WeldSkill 185) Check In-Store ... More

how to download battlefield 1 from igggames

Battlefield 1 Game Download For PC Free Full Version As, Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter developed by EA Dice Studios and published by Electronic Arts Studios. It is a 15-installment of the series that can be downloaded for free from this website, and this website provides easy-to-play games so you can easily get to it today. ... More

how to cut thick foam sheets

I originally used soft pine but had my guide come loose mid-cut and ruin a sheet of foam so have since switched to hard oak. I cut the insulator from a piece of 1/4" x 1" wood which I hold up to the cutter then trace around the cutter body so I can cut it to final shape on a bandsaw (or just sand it down to match.) The guide hole should be drilled to a size that allows your guide to self-tap ... More

how to change from swiftkey to google keyboard

8/03/2018 · Is video main SwiftKey keyboard ki color theme badlne ka Bara main Hai toh usko theme ko Android mobile main kaise change karte toh is video main bataya Hai toh video ... More

how to close apps in iphone 8

With previous iPhones models, including this year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, users can double click the home button and swipe up the app window to force close. The process isn’t the same ... More

how to build a cupboard in a wall

First you need to find where the timber studs are in the wall. Use a stud finder and mark the left and right side of the stud. Run a plumb line down the centre. ... More

how to change status on discord

change_status (game=None, idle=False) The value used by the discord server and the client to verify that the message is successfully sent. This is typically non-important. embeds¶ list – A list of embedded objects. The elements are objects that meet oEmbed’s specification. channel¶ The Channel that the message was sent from. Could be a PrivateChannel if it’s a private message. In ... More

how to detect decay under a crown

In some instances, this is due to tooth decay that develops under the crown. When this occurs, you will need to work with a highly skilled and experienced dentist who can accurately diagnose the issue and customize your treatment plan accordingly. ... More

how to delete contacts from icloud

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone is one of the hot questions users will face when changing from an old iPhone to a new one. Unlike the android phone, which enables you to sync contacts to the new phone by merely inserting and importing from the SIM card, the iPhone doesn't save the contacts on SIM card, and you can't do it in that way. To address this issue, in this guide, we ... More

how to draw a horse step by step realistic easy

How to Draw Horses with Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorials::::: Drawing Tutorial #1 – Draw the Standing Horse you can now start drawing the horse within the guidelines. Step 6. Now draw the legs in there. Step 7. Now draw in the tail and a few more details. Step 8 – Finished Drawing of a Standing Horse . Now just draw in some shadows and further details to finish up the horse. Step 9 ... More

how to clear brain fog from weed

Fuzzy thinking is a top menopause complaint, with women often thinking the worst. If you’re desperate to know what’s going on, learn why you might have brain fog and how to clear it up. If you’re desperate to know what’s going on, learn why you might have brain fog and how to clear it up. ... More

how to create subnet mask for an ip address

Remember, the 2?-2 formula: The bit value minus 2 -- one for network and one for broadcast address or subnet mask -- equals the number you can use for hosts. If you want to know how many of these 16-bit networks we can get out of that third octet, divide 256 by 16. ... More

how to draw interior design plans

By drawing your floor plan you will get a better understanding of the rooms fundamental shape, and where you might need to give consideration to. ... More

how to add an addendum to a letter

When writing an email, it occasionally becomes necessary to add information that expands upon the main themes offered by the message. Whether you are elaborating on a spotty work history in an emailed resume or attempting to explain specific concepts in a message to co-workers, adding an addendum ... More

how to create a prezi template

Also, you will get 5 professional Prezi templates which will help you to create your presentation in just a couple of minutes. Only the opportunity to use this templates itself definitely worths taking this course. And it will become even more worthy because the number of templates will go up as I will add more of them to the course. ... More

how to make slime with laundry detergent and clear glue

How to make slime with glue and Tide. For this slime recipe, you will need the following ingredients: Glue; Liquid Tide laundry detergent; Shaving cream (Optional) Food coloring (Optional) You can use any kind of liquid laundry detergent. However, we like the consistency created by using Tide. Experiment with different kinds to find what you like best. Get out your mixing bowl and spoon and ... More

how to create press quality pdf

Set Adobe PDF Preset to Press Quality. Set Compatibility to Acrobat 6 (PDF1.5). If youre working with InDesign or Illustrator, set Bleeds to 0.124 inch on all sides, in the Marks and Bleeds section. ... More

how to become an infant teacher

One thing a teacher self assessment and a teacher performance improvement plan accomplishes is the avoidance of falling into a rut. If a teacher does not take time to evaluate his/her performance, a teacher will have a tendency to do the same things in the same way, to teach the same concepts the same way, and to use the same exercises again and again. Guess what? If a teacher does the same ... More

how to become a chauffeur in florida

Chauffeur service in Naples Your very own chauffeur in Naples With a bustling economy and a picturesque city centre, Naples has a lot to offer both the business executive and the holidaymaker, and there's no better way of making its acquaintance than with the Sixt mydriver chauffeur service. ... More

how to add vent to car hood

The pros Bear Metal Kustoms show you the right way to add louver to a steel hood. Check it out only at or the July 2011 issue of HOT ROD Deluxe Magazine. ... More

how to change camera controls sonic adventure

ABOUT. Sonic World is a fan game engine geared towards the Adventures and Heroes games. It is a very advanced enhancement of the BlitzSonic engine, pushing it to the limits. ... More

how to become a mystery shopper uk for free

It's estimated that more than 500,000 people have registered as mystery shoppers in the UK, but just 10% or fewer manage to get regular work each month and this has led to a dramatic reduction in ... More

how to draw a stick person

How to Draw a Stick Person. Part of the series: Drawing Instructions & Tips. You can draw a stick person as a boy or girl depending on your preferences. Learn to draw a stick person with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip. ... More

how to download sims 3 after redeming codes origin

If that still does not make a Sims 4 folder inside your My documents folder (after reinstalling and updating via origin) then you need to contact Origin directly. We have tried to help you with this since 6th of September. ... More

how to buy games on a 2ds

Nintendo 2DS Blue Console + 3 Games. $149.00 Nintendo New 2DS XL PokéBall Edition. $219.95 Nintendo New 2DS XL Pikachu Edition . $219.95 preowned. New Nintendo 3DS XL Fire Emblem Limited Edition Console (Premium Refurbished by EB Games) $198.00 preowned. Nintendo New 2DS XL Pokeball Edition (Premium Refurbished by EB Games) $198.00 Nintendo New 2DS XL: Minecraft … ... More

how to create a collage of pictures on the computer

Types of Photo Collage : Here’s a brief description of the different types of collage. Picture Pile: The pictures in this collage look as if they are scattered. ... More

how to change your prepaid plan on optus

Enjoy the unique benefits that come with the Optus $2 Prepaid SIM! You can keep your own number and manage monthly plans with no hassle. You can keep your own number and manage monthly plans … ... More

how to build a distributed wifi network

You can see in the screenshot that there are loads of options available. In our case select Wifi Login (Android Only)* *We do not use iDevices here so I cannot comment on whether or not this will work for iDevices or if there is a way to make this work. ... More

how to cook tender liver

Delicious cooking tips, techniques and recipes for preparing and cooking liver. Make lovely tender Italian liver and onions, or a delicious duck liver salad. For a start, they always use calf's liver, which is the most tender liver. But it also needs to be … ... More

how to download meitu on pc

Download and install Stock ROM/ firmware on MEITU V4, in this article we share a Direct Download Link to Download flash file for MEITU V4, you can Install Stock ROM on MEITU V4 using SP flash tools, The MEITU V4 is Run on Android 5.1 OS Powered by Mediatek MT6795 Processor, it is a Dual SIM (GSM and GSM) Smartphone/Tablet, Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, … ... More

how to create havoc in just cause 3

Description Edit. According to the official Just Cause 3 website, Insula Fonte is "a medley of poor and rich towns demonstrating the diversity of people and the style of life in a land crumbling under the ruthless rule of General Di Ravello". ... More

how to become a mortician in michigan

Mortician Salary in Michigan - Salary Genius The average yearly salary for Mortician in Michigan is $37,810.If you are just beginning to work a new job as a Mortician in Michigan, you could earn a starting pay rate of $31,138 annually. ... More

how to eat cactus leaf

The Cactus Leaves The cactus leaves (or pads) are equally as versatile and are eaten just like any vegetable. Typically you want the younger, brighter, smaller leaves because the older, larger ones can be tough and less appetizing. ... More

how to make a call using telephone

Now with Continuity on iOS 8 you can actually make and receive phone calls on your iPad. Want to hear more? It’s actually pretty simple, and it can be very helpful and convenient for those times when you hear your iPhone ringing, but realize it is in the other room. ... More

how to buy things on olx

Buying OLX Ghana phones online is convenient as you get access to thousands of options to pick the best phone for you. Marketplaces like OLX have made things entirely feasible when it comes to shopping, especially when you want to buy cheap phones in Ghana. Just ensure you stay safe from spammers and unscrupulous traders. ... More

how to catch jewfish nsw

When my interest in the species first developed I spent countless hours fishing the beaches scattered along the NSW Central Coast. Cracking various patterns concentrated on the full and new moon periods and my fishing buddies and I were regularly rewarded for our efforts. The sight of a big silver-sided jewfish in the surf’s powerful surge is a privilege to see and something I dreamt about ... More

how to cancel service reminder volvo v40 cc 2014

Volvo is recalling certain model year 2014 S60, S80, XC60 and XC70 vehicles equipped with keyless ignition. In the affected vehicles, the Central Electronic Module (CEM) will not perform as ... More

how to change my pinterest email address

28/11/2018 · Pinterest - How to Change Your Email Address Without exception, the most common request is for help changing an email address on Pinterest. It seems that Pinners lose access to older email ... More

how to ask about salary

History. Learning more about the interviewee's salary history may shed light on how much she anticipates earning in a new job, provided the new job is in the same field and geographic location, and requires similar skills and qualifications. ... More

how to delete files off sd card

22/02/2010 · Unable to delete folder from SD card. It found the folder but said nothing is locking the folder.So I clicked the delete file on the programme.Seconds later it said unable to delete NCFL ... More

how to draw an owl tattoo

2/10/2016 · How to Draw a Neo Traditional Owl Face Tattoo Style. All in realtime talking you through everything as I do it. Enjoy! for tattoo enquires etc email: ... More

swtor jedi knight how to change advance class

Guide for the Jedi Knight class in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Learn about abilities, advanced classes, skill trees, leveling guide and gameplay Learn about abilities, advanced classes, skill trees, leveling guide and gameplay ... More

how to add a music bot to discord

... More

how to become a surveyor victoria

How to become a surveyor. As one of the most diverse professional careers, we welcome surveyors with a variety of skills. Because we are all different there’s more than one way into a career as a surveyor. Get an apprenticeship. A professional RICS apprenticeship could be for you if you enjoy learning on the job, are good at managing your time and want to get paid a salary from day one. You ... More

how to change cpu power supply

13/12/2018 · I just bought a BFG Geforce 6800 OC 128 MB video card. One of the minimum specs for the card is that it needs at least a 300 Watt power supply. ... More

how to create a resource histogram

27/02/2009 · Export Resource Histogram 690399 Feb 26, 2009 2:48 PM ( in response to 690399 ) On the assignment screen, group the screen as you prefer and on the right pane of the screen right click and you will get a menu with an item called Spreadsheet fields where you can customize what to include e.g. buget Qut and Cum B. Qut. ... More

how to build a chess board

Make your very own chess board. 2 DIY chess board projects. One is for around the house and other is made from felt for traveling. With felt you won’t lose any pieces. ... More

how to become a sunsuper member

Sunsuper celebrates member number 800,000 as assets sail past $7 billion By: Sunsuper 08-Oct-2005. One of Australias most popular superannuation funds, Sunsuper, today announced it has reached $7 billion in assets under management, fuelled by continued strong growth across its corporate superannuation business. ... More

how to connect fitbit ionic to wifi

Connect to Wi-Fi Make sure Ionic and your PC are able to connect to the same Wi-Fi network: 1. From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap or click the Account icon ( ) > Ionic tile. From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap or click the Account icon ( ) > Ionic tile. ... More

how to connect psp to xfinity wifi

Hi, I have a model: WRT110 wireless router and my PSP 3000 won't connect to it. I've tried many times and sometimes the PSP gets the signal, but only for a few seconds. ... More

how to cook smoked salmon slices

This appetizer tastes amazing, looks fantastic, and is surprisingly easy to make. In about 20 minutes, you can have two salmon rolls in your refrigerator, and about an hour or two later, you can have one of the easiest appetizers you have ever made. ... More

how to share documents on google drive

About Our “Share Documents in Google Drive” Presenter Monica Burns is an Education Consultant, EdTech Blogger, and Apple Distinguished Educator. ... More

how to draw a baby shark

Baby Shark Song Drawing and Coloring Pages Learn Colors Hi Friends! I hope you enjoyed coloring BABY SHARK and singing along to the BABY SHARK SONG with me! ... More

how to buy cigarettes with ebt card

Program participants are only allowed to buy food items with their EBT cards. They can’t buy cleaning supplies, pet food, alcohol or cigarettes, ior most prepared foods and snacks. You’ll need ... More

how to add norton app lock to accessibility

Norton App Lock uses two types of app protection locks – pattern lock or passcode lock. The pattern lock is exactly like the pattern lock used by Android screen-lock. The passcode lock requires you to enter four digits for locking or unlocking the apps. It uses the same passcode or pattern for locking various apps and also the Norton App Lock itself. ... More

how to become a lifeguard uk

National Vocational Beach Lifeguard Qualification. The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) has teamed up with Surf Life Saving Association (SLSA) Wales and Surf Life Saving (SLS) GB to develop a new national standard for beach lifeguarding. ... More

how to ask a guy on a third date

Don’t. If a guy you have dated twice is not pursuing you for a third date, he is just not that into you. You don’t have time or effort to spend time on a guy who is not interested in pursuing you. ... More

how to cook a good curry chicken

The key to good green curry is in not only using the right ingredients but also knowing when to add them. To allow for faster cooking. use smaller pieces of chicken. To allow for faster cooking. use smaller pieces of chicken. ... More

how to delete suspended upwork account

Work is fun, Upwork is pretty transparent with information (regular metrics meetings, all hands meetings, product demonstrations, and trainings) and works hard to keep it's employees informed and engaged. In addition, there are a lot of opportunities for advancement within departments or in new ones. ... More

how to connect beats x wireless to mac

Xbox One X Best VPN Services Windows 10 Beginner's guide How and why to use Bluetooth on your Windows 10 computer. Mauro Huculak . 21 Sep 2015 80 We're rapidly moving from a wired to a wireless ... More

how to connect ipod touch to itunes on computer

You may have two separate iTunes libraries; say on a desktop computer and a laptop. And you may want to connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to one of those computers to get some music from its library. But if it's not the library that's linked to your device, you can't do this. With iMazing, you can copy music files from iTunes to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, even if iTunes thinks ... More

how to create gif file in photoshop

Making GIFs is one of the most basic features in Photoshop. Learn more such features and functions in this Photoshop 101 course . In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to create animated GIFs in Photoshop. ... More

how to draw a stick cat from tomwatson

aug 17, 2018- how to think of ideas for ielts writing task 2 ... More

how to build a cedar raised garden bed

24/07/2018 · - How To Build A Cedar Smokehouse - Living Green And Frugally This awesome piece of garden facility will make you ready for all the products and dishes, As we all know a smokehouse is a place where meat or fish is cured using smoke. ... More

how to draw a pioneer house

Step. If you don't have an antenna connected to your FM receiver, purchase a simple dipole antenna--a simple T-shape flexible wire-- and connect it to the FM antenna inputs on the receiver. ... More

how to change microsoft word shortcut keys

Microsoft Office is the most well-known productivity software suite in the world, and more than 1.2 billion people use it in 140 different countries and 107 languages, according to Microsoft. ... More

how to delete google photos

Mobile How to move your photos from Flickr to Google Photos. Save your Flickr photos and move them to another cloud photo service before you delete your Yahoo account. ... More

how to download music from spotify to pc

... More

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how to create a passcode iphone 6

How to Reset Locked iPhone without Passcode - iOS 12 Device Supported . Your iPhone can get locked due to many reasons. For example, entering the wrong passcode for more than 6 times. Or your iPhone may overload on its full memory or usage. But whatever the case, it can get extremely annoying to be unable to access your phone. But there exists an easy solution to your annoying problem. It is

how to clean a white shirt without bleach

Mildew is the name of smelly, offensive mold that appears as the result of fungi and the mold developing in the damp places such as garment bags, dresser drawers or anywhere with excessive moisture.

how to create text based rpg

RPG for Discord. This project is essentially supposed to create a text-based MMORPG-style game (specifically taking inspiration from aspects of Runescape), playable by any and all. Current Features:

how to legally become an atheist

When I was a Platoon Leader in Iraq, I started to think I was the only atheist in the military. I finally came “out of the closet” and dropped my own A-bomb after reading about an E-4 in my own Battalion who was dealing with the backlash from refusing to pray with his unit. Even as an Officer, it was healthy for me to find out about and talk to other atheists in the military, in Iraq and

how to create dl flyer

Dear visitor, you went to website as unregistered user. We encourage you to Register or Login to website under your name.

how to change mobile number in driving license

Dear Sir, Kindly let me know how to add aadhar number in driving licence and also how to change the mobile number in the driving licence.. Thanks

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